Grant Lyons
Creative director, UX designer and entrepreneur.
Partner at Halkin Ventures

Greenpoint Projects was created as a test kitchen of sorts for 21st Century entrepreneurs and their ideas, helping to bring positive change to businesses and customers through quality experiences, fair practices and great design.

He is also co-founder of REACHA the app focused on connecting a live, mobile, on-demand workforce; and co-founder of Tunespotter – a discovery algorithm matching your music and listening to scenes in movies and TV shows.

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Halkin International Partners Conference - Singapore July 2018

Halkin International Partners Conference - Singapore July 2018

I've Just Come Back from the Future

originally published on LinkedIn Pulse

I just got back from our mid year Halkin International Partners Conference in Singapore. We get together twice a year; once in Sydney for our end of year celebration, then once for the mid year conference in another city where we have an office. I love Sydney – it's clean, friendly, tasty and beautiful – but I'm totally blown away by Singapore! I feel like I was immersed in the future for a week, experiencing first-hand how things should be done... and I think I like it.

Our firm has always had a forward thinking approach to business so the fact we have a growing office in Singapore is no shock. Halkin has been partnering with businesses and entrepreneurs for over 20 years and built up quite a successful list of clients. The last few years have seen the company expand into New Zealand, Hong Kong, New York (where I am based), and Singapore. Each city has a local partner who knows the landscape inside and out which gives our clients access to new markets and the ability to hit the ground running. It's also a superb opportunity for us to meet other entrepreneurs and find new ventures to invest capital and people in.

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